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Bath Salts

BeautifulYou Bath Salt

BeautifulYou bath salts have healing properties that enhance self-esteem and self-confidence. The salts are designed to cleanse the aura and to purify the energetic body. They support alignment between the mind, body and soul. Orange is a sign of life, vitality and good health in all aspects of the self.

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Every Woman Is Beautiful

Sensuality and Self-worth

Supports womb and reproductive health

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Complete Detox Pack

Health &Wellbeing

Release blockages and awaken your youthfulness,
creativity and sensuality....

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GR - Pretoria

Respiratory and Immune Support

Respiratory and Immune Support is an amazing product, when i feel an irritation on my throat, i take two tablets and i swear the irritation is cleared within a couple of minutes.

SM - Ferndale

Artemisia and Respiratory Immune Support

Ever since I started taking the combination of Artemisia and Respiratory Immune Support my chest is light and clear. Before I started the treatment my chest felt clogged up and heavy. This is also evidenced by my performance during morning runs which has improved.

MR - East London

Respiratory and Immune Support

The other day I fell asleep on my couch in the afternoon and forgot to switch off the heater. By the time i woke up my throat was becoming sore, I took 2 tablets of the Respiratory and Immune Support and the soreness disappeared immediately.


Marketing Personal

I had a thyroid and blood pressure problems. I saw an advert of the Beautiful You Detox Pack on Facebook and immediately contacted Osephalaphala. It's been two and half weeks since i started the program. My health and thyroid function have improved. The blemishes are becoming lighter, i regained my complexion. KL Maseru, Lesotho


Marketing Personal

I had bladder issues for the past few months. My bladder was malfunctioning and i had to visit the ladies frequently, this impacted my travel and self esteem. It also affected my kidneys and I started to have lower backpain. My friend recommended the Beautiful You Detox pack. Within the first week the symptoms were reduced and i am recuperating well. TS Benoni



Marketing Personal

Saved our business! We have no regrets! Thanks for the great service. This template is worth much more than I paid Saved our business! We have no regrets!